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What’s the Best Brush for Your Neato?

You now have a Neato robot vacuum and are living your best life doing the things you love – and not spending time vacuuming. Woohoo! Depending on which robot model you bought, you may already have either the Neato® Helix Brush or the Neato® Spiral Combo Brush. This brush may be doing wonders for you already but imagine the possibilities if your brush could do more for you.

The ability for you to have a customized cleaning experience tailored to your home and lifestyle with accessories like our Neato brushes joins the many software features designed to help you pick up even the most stubborn Dirt, Dust and Dander.

No matter your floor type, we have the brush for you. Use the chart below and find your perfect match! For example, if you have a dog and lots of carpet in your home, we recommend the Neato Pet Brush. 

So, which brush are you adding to your cart?

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